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5 Engaging Valentine’s Day Content Ideas Inspired by Top Brands

Valentine's Day Content Ideas

14th February is the date of love. A day to celebrate the bond you share with the one person who truly owns your heart.  This could mean sending flowers, gifts, and date nights with your significant other, and so much more.

This year, Valentine’s Day total spending is expected to reach $25.8 billion, according to research by the National Retail Federation.

If you’re a content creator, a marketer, or generally a business, you also need to show love to your readers this Valentine’s Day through your content. While this type of content is seasonal, it can grow your traffic significantly and boost your sales and profits. 

So, how do you put love in your content to maximize reach and sales during this magical season? Read on for engaging and effective content ideas inspired by top brands.

  1. Create a recipe for romance
  2. Create a recipe for romance

    You can choose to focus your content on culinary delights and romantic experiences during Valentine’s Day.

    During this day, consumers will be more interested in dining out or ordering in. A study by Popmenu reveals that 74% of people who celebrated Valentine’s Day last year looked forward to dining out or ordering takeout/delivery from restaurants. 

    You can capitalize on this trend by offering recommendations for romantic meals that people can enjoy at home or in a restaurant.

    This is also an excellent opportunity to partner with reputable food and beverage brands. You can create menus or recipes incorporating their products, enticing your audience to try them at home.

    This collaboration offers valuable content for your followers and exposure and promotion for the partnering brands. You can even work out a referral incentive just for your readers

    Additionally, don’t be limited to the food and beverage brands alone. Consider greeting card companies, candy brands, and florists, among others.

    People also tend to spend more on clothes, tech gadgets, and home décor items. So, be ready to partner with relevant brands to promote their products while offering good recommendations to your readers.

  3. Share your Valentine’s Day Playlist
  4. Share your Valentine’s Day Playlist

    Do you have good taste for music? Why not share your favorite love songs on Valentine’s Day? By the way, about 70% of songs worldwide are about love and romance, so you are more than spoilt for choice!

    So, whether you’re into R&B slow jams, power ballads, rock, reggae, blues, or country crooning, you’ll definitely have absolute bangers to share with your audience this Valentine’s Day.

    Remember, your music taste says a lot about you as a person. Therefore, by sharing your Valentine’s Day playlist, your audience will get to know who you are behind the scenes.

    You can compile your playlist on Spotify or any other platform of your choice and share it on your social media accounts. This will surely strike a chord with your followers and add a melodious touch to their Valentine’s celebrations.

  5. Share love stories
  6. Share love stories

    One of the most stand-out content ideas for this Valentine’s season is sharing heartfelt tales.

    Remember, this is not just about chocolates and flowers: It’s a celebration of love in all its forms. So, if you have one personal tale of love and romance, this might be the best time to share it with your readers.

    Generally, there’s something captivating about love stories: they transcend time and resonate with our deepest emotions. Give your story a captivating introduction and your readers will be longing to read the end of it all.

    So, what exactly should a love story entail?
    Well, you can talk about anything and everything you love. It could be a story of a chance encounter that blossomed into a lifelong partnership, a tale of overcoming obstacles with your significant other, or simply the everyday moments that reaffirm your bond.

    Sharing your own love story allows you to honor the special connection you have while inspiring your readers to reflect on the beauty of their own relationships.

    Believe it or not, people actually love reading about other people’s stories, especially if you’re a top brand. They will trust you (and your brand) more for being open about your love life.

    Additionally, it doesn’t have to be your story. You can find people, especially celebrities and influencers, looking to share their love tales and share them with your readers. Because who will not want to hear how Jay-Z first met Beyonce?

  7. Ask your readers to share their love stories
  8. love stories

    As you share your story on various social platforms and even on your blog, you might also want to encourage your followers or readers to share theirs. This could be in the comment section or sending you their love story in your DM so that you can share it with others as well.

    One thing about people deeply in love is that they always want to tell their story. They want to get heard, so engage them.

    It doesn’t have to be the entire story. Of course, you’ll get many exciting stories. You might ask them to share about a specific aspect of their love stories. For instance, when they met, what they expected their significant others to be, their struggles and challenges as a couple, and much more. 

    This approach also helps you build a community, allowing you to form stronger bonds with your readers and followers.

  9. Create Valentine-themed posts
  10. Create Valentine-themed posts

    You may not be producing or selling products related to Valentine’s Day. However, on this day, we highly recommend posting Valentine-themed posts. How do you do that?

    For instance, try to incorporate a heart shape into your photos and posts. You could try shaping your camera strap into a heart shape: this could work with anything from jewelry and clothing to food. You could also photoshoot your products with Valentine’s Day-based props.

    Additionally, wish your followers and customers Valentine’s Day with doodles, custom illustrations, and brand mascot illustrations.

    You could also create puzzles and quizzes that blend your product and the holiday. For instance, work on a puzzle of “what to buy for your partner this Valentine’s season” and include your product in the list.

    Moreover, the colors you use in your Valentine’s Day posts will impact engagement significantly. Valentine’s Day is often themed red. Think red roses, red graphics, red love hearts, and almost anything red will work. However, pink and white are also symbolic of Valentine’s Day.

Final thoughts on Valentine’s Day content ideas

During Valentine’s season, everything is (and should) always be about love. This includes the content you create for your audience. Though this is seasonal content, it can significantly impact your search engine ranking, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales.

Use the above ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day content.

But of course, there’s another option. If you’re short of ideas or just don’t have the time to create and market your content, hire a digital marketing agency to help you out.


You can host a Valentine’s Day-themed giveaway or contest where participants can submit their love stories for a chance to win various gifts. You could also create interactive posts or questionnaires about love and relationships. Or simply invite your audience to share their stories and experiences in the comment section of your posts.

Try guides tailored to different relationship types and interests, engaging social media content or challenges, and limited-time promotions and discounts. You can also craft personalized messages or emails and send them to your customers.

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