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What are Google Ads used for? Advantages and disadvantages

Google Ads

Making your website visible on search engines such as Google is essential to attract visitors and potential customers. In order to further boost its presence on the web, Google offers to use the Ads system. So, you might be wondering: what are Google Ads? How does it work? Whether you are a blogger, an e-commerce site owner or a service provider, we will give you our informed opinion on Google Ads.

What are Google Ads? Explanations and interest


In the language of Shakespeare, the name "ads" means "advertisements". As you will have understood, Google Ads is Google's advertising network. It belongs to paid referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising), that is to say advertising on search engines.

Targeted advertising campaigns

First of all, Google Ads proposes to establish advertising campaigns according to the needs and specificities of the activity to be promoted. In addition, the content broadcast is customizable. hire ebook writers can therefore be appropriate when launching an activity or a new product.

Devoting a dedicated budget to advertising can make you hesitate. When launching your advertising campaign, you are able to set a monthly expense that you cannot exceed. It is also possible to modify the amount allocated, to interrupt and then resume the announcements at any time. With Google Ads, each user remains free of any commitment.

With regard to invoicing, you must choose from one of the three options offered:

CPC (cost per click): the user's click generates an expense;

The CPI (cost per impression) corresponding to the distribution of the ad;

CPE (cost per engagement) kicks in the moment the user watches a video.

This operation therefore only occurs when Internet users interact with the ads.

Like any marketing operation, the goal is to distribute its products and services to as many people as possible.
To do this, Google Ads adapts to the activity and the desired purpose: increase in website traffic, incentive to contact the company, etc. This is why the system offers to choose among these options.

Then, it suffices to establish an advertising campaign in a well-defined geographical area. This can be either local or international. In addition, it also offers the possibility of excluding certain zones.
Finally, Google Ads allows you to personalize ad messages in different formats: text or image.

The assurance of a good position on the SERP

With more than 90% market share of search engines in France, Google remains to this day the undisputed number one. 

Thanks to the previously defined keywords, the website appears in the first page of Google results. A significant advantage since most Internet users never consult the following pages! Of course, the searches carried out must correspond to the products or services offered by the website visited. 

With improved visibility, the latter should attract visitors, with additional customers.Similarly, it is possible to promote products on the search engine. Thus, Google Shopping essentially targets e-commerce sites. 

Just like the first advertising campaign, the results are displayed on the first of Google. The information of the articles is put forward without the Internet users having to click on the advertisement.

Indeed, the photo, the price and any delivery costs are indicated on the sticker.In addition, Google Shopping also offers the possibility of using the product comparator between several websites.

The simple fact of appearing on the first page of results therefore makes it possible to highlight a website and its services.


Google Ads or SEA ads: limits and solutions to stay well positioned on the SERP

Embarking on an advertising strategy remains an investment that should be taken into account. This action may sometimes require adjustments. In addition to the recommendations issued by Google Ads, users are able to follow the results of their campaign step by step.

For this, the service communicates performance statistics: conversion rate, click-through rate, position and of course the cost incurred.

A paid service that should be renewed

If Google Ads allows you to increase your visibility, it represents a significant cost for the owner of a website.

Apart from a very substantial or even unlimited budget, this solution cannot be sustained over time. The shutdown will cause traffic to drop.

Another obstacle to its use: the image reflected by the use of advertising. It often happens that Internet users are careful never to click on the ads offered by Google.

Betting on a winning strategy: SEO

Fortunately, an effective and sustainable way exists to avoid the use of paid advertising: it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization, natural referencing in French).

This is essentially based on content optimization planned for the long term. If it may require resources to create or update the site, it is the assurance of obtaining new visitors.

Indeed these Internet users obtain content that matches the queries they enter into Google. These are usually potential customers who can help increase the turnover of website owners.

Finally, it is not necessary to plan and pay advertising costs.

As we have just seen, Google Ads remains a powerful tool for establishing an advertising campaign that is certainly adapted. If it is associated with a quality natural referencing, it can be very effective in increasing the notoriety of a website. However, be able to budget for its use!

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