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Reviewing the Impact of Google December 2022 Link Spam Update Rolling Out Now

December 2022 Link Spam Update

Google started rolling out its latest link spam update on December 14, 2022, and it will surely create a profound impact. While some people may benefit from it, the rest may have those thinking lines deepening further.

What is the link spam update for December 2022?

This time, Google is will leverage SpamBrain link algorithm’s power to counteract the effect of uncanny links on the search results. Wondering what SpamBrain is all about? Well, it is an AI-based system that aims to prevent spam and intends to destroy those unnatural links that appear on the search results. Therefore, websites engaged in link buying and the building will now have to steer clear of their unnatural activities.

The 2022 link spam update will impact those suspicious link-building techniques and protect users from low-quality content or spammy links. Based on Google’s claim, website rankings will face the impact once this update rolls out. Moreover, the credits that were earlier passed on to the spammy links may be lost forever. What’s more, search results in multiple languages are also likely to feel the impact.

What is Google’s take?

Is the link spam update that will continue rolling out for a fortnight something that the search engine experts are dreading right now? Well, it is natural as Google goes on to say that the site rankings will undergo a major reshuffle. That is to say no to artificially manipulated links or spammy links as they prefer calling them. The manual actions as well as the algorithms of the search engine are slated to destroy all unnatural links and majorly this time as Google’s experts feel that they need to work on the search results and improve the coverage.

The update is a reiteration of Google’s continued efforts to fight artificial manipulation of rankings through unnatural links. They are always using algorithms and manual actions to combat the mistakes but this latest update steps up to detect the spammy links before they seek to appear in the search engine result pages.

Are you facing search engine ranking loopholes? Here is what should do to avert the crisis:

  • Target the rankings and traffic and know what normal looking is all about. That way, you will better review the latest algorithm update that has already started rolling in since 14th December 2022.
  • Checking the backlinks is necessary and Google Search Console is your only bet. Although SEO experts try to monitor their backlinks through various third-party SEO gear care has to be taken to view them on Search Console as well. The reason is that the unnatural links in various websites may not allow these third-party tools to crawl their site. So, you won’t know anything about the backlink profile.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors and look for their performances. If you notice that they are doing well in terms of search rankings and visibility or vice versa due to the latest update, go through their profile of backlinks to know what they have been involved in. Knowing both extremes is necessary to know how you can do better to comply with the update or what hacks to apply to move past the hassles.
  • The December link spam update has just been rolled out, so be cautious before you make drastic changes to the website. Similarly, change the backlink profile gradually. You need to be patient to understand the impact of this new regimen.
  • None other than SEO professionals understand the impact of Google’s updates better and the reason is simple. Search engine optimization looks complicated every time Google rolls out an update. If your website ranking has gone berserk after this update, it’s time you speak to a professional to decide the strategies right now.

The websites experiencing a sharp drop in the ranking are not being penalized but it’s just that their links are neutralized from which they were previously benefiting to enhance their search rankings.

If you want a sneak peek of Google December 2022 link spam update and what it may mean for your website content, Search engine Round offers the latest reviews, news, and updates.

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