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10 Actionable Link-building Strategies to improve your SEO Ranking

Link-building Strategies

Link-building can be an uphill task, with 52.3% of marketers labeling it the most difficult aspect of SEO. The truth is that not all of us are in league with authority sites in our niches, especially if you are a newbie in the game. Hence, you may not be able to use these connections to give your site a boost right out of the gate with authoritative backlinks. But it doesn’t matter who you know or not. These 10 highly practical link-building strategies, which, mind you, I have used to great success on multiple websites for my SEO agency, will get your SEO firing on all cylinders:

  1. Use The Right Keywords
  2. While scouting for backlink opportunities, I recommend getting ideas from keywords. Shoot for long-tail ones that offer more value and usually have less competition. Now, after you’ve identified these keywords, use them as anchor text around your website.

  3. Write Guest Posts
  4. Want quality backlinks? I recommend guest posting, which, mind you, 64.9% of brands use as part of their link-building strategies. Reach out to relevant authorities in your niche, craft a killer guest post pitch, and get your post published in exchange for 2 or 3 backlinks to your site.

  5. Create Infographics
  6. Did you know that compared to a blog post, you’re 30x more likely to read an infographic? Infographics have similar shareability appeal. So regularly create infographics for your website and be sure to link back to them so that you get the credit you deserve when they’re shared.

  7. Curate Stats
  8. Stats and hard numbers are highly sought after. News publications and other websites use these statistics to validate their content, linking back to the source to substantiate their topic. Creating purely statistical articles, e.g., “71 building statistics,” is therefore ideal if you want to organically obtain more backlinks.

  9. Provide Testimonials
  10. Perhaps you’re using the services of a certain SEO agency to manage your brand. You could offer a testimonial detailing your experience and request a sparkly backlink to your website in return. Everybody wins in this case.

  11. Create Your Blog
  12. When you consistently write high-quality content for your website, chances are someone will like what they read, talk about it on their website/social media, and link back to your content. Don’t forget to also internally link your content to each other.

  13. Join An Online Directory
  14. While they can be a hit or miss, submitting your website to web directories is one of the top link-building strategies you have to give a chance. Be sure to choose a niche-relevant directory that Google hasn’t omitted from its consideration.

  15. Leverage Those Mentions
  16. I rarely use the words “high-quality link building” and “easy” in the same sentence, but that applies here. People will talk about your business or services online. When they do, contact the site administrator and ask that they do what is necessary. Turn those mentions into backlinks. You’ll probably need a listening tool or an SEO agency to find brand mentions online.

  17. Step In For Outdated Sources
  18. When huge brands move to new websites, use SEO tools to scrutinize their backlinks and sources. If these sources are still pointing to the old domain, give that website a heads up about the change, then offer a link to your own content to fill in for this outdated one.

  19. Harness Resource Pages
  20. These pages exist just to link out to different websites. Find high-authority ones relevant to your niche and create a persuasive email arguing for your site’s inclusion on a particular resource page. Mention the resource title page that interests you and how your site’s inclusion could benefit that resource page.

Bonus Tip- Expand your Networks

Links are the cornerstone of SEO. Google itself has substantiated the value of backlinks, placing them as the second most important ranking signal behind quality content, which takes the top spot. If you’d like to get even more link-building opportunities, you need to network. Build relationships by joining social groups, blogs, forums, and communities in your niche. Actively participate & create new connections to open new doors for link-building opportunities.

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