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Top 7 SEO Trends to Optimize for in 2023

Because Google constantly updates its ranking algorithm to improve the user experience, SEO is one of the most important fields of digital marketing. So, marketers have the chance to evaluate the SEO trends influencing the search engine environment every year.

Keep reading to know more about the top SEO trends for 2023 and how to adapt your strategy to them.

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Major SEO trends 2023

  1. Personal Knowledge of the Subject
  2. Showing first-hand experience in your content is the first trend we’ve identified for SEO in 2023.

    Google and other search engines strive to make sure that their users have access to the most useful content that will respond to their questions and offer them the solutions they require.

    The best way to accomplish this is by presenting visitors with material whose authors have relevant, in-depth experience in the field.

  3. Video Marketing
  4. The role of videos in the marketing industry has increased and you can say that it has an impact on SEO in 2023. The majority of consumers use videos to guide their decision-making.

    If you haven’t already, you should incorporate video content into your SEO approach given the increase in video viewing. Google is also introducing tools to make it easier for consumers to access information quickly through videos.

  5. Reinforcing E-E-A-T Signal
  6. Great content is ranked by Google’s automated systems based on a variety of factors. Our systems prioritize relevant content based on what seems most helpful after identifying relevant content. Their objective is to determine which content demonstrates aspects of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, And Trustworthiness, or E-E-A-T.

    Each of these contributes to trust, but content does not necessarily need to show them all. Some content might be helpful because of its experience, while other content might be helpful because of its expertise.

  7. Image Optimization
  8. Now is the moment to examine your website’s images and determine how they rank on the optimization metre. Your image optimization will be one of the ranking elements to make sure that images can be delivered to people with visual disabilities and impairments in the best possible way. We want the web to be accessible to everyone.

    Google isn’t just pushing for good picture optimization for this reason; in the future, images will be utilised for much more than just visually communicating ideas; they will also be used in a search to purchase, find information, and more.

  9. Automated SEO
  10. As digital marketers continue to make use of enterprise SEO software platforms and solutions, more SEO tasks will be automated in 2023, similar to how AI is being applied to content creation.

    For instance:

    • Tasks that formerly needed a lot of human spreadsheet effort can be automated with keyword research tools.
    • Website updates and technical problems can be automatically detected using solutions for site auditing and monitoring like SearchAtlas and Content King.
    • The less SEO-savvy can use website graders to find necessary adjustments and set priorities accordingly.

  11. Revitalizing Image SEO
  12. Website images are sometimes overlooked, although they have always contributed to higher ranks for picture queries.

    Also, they can offer chances for us to use alt text as a way to incorporate more keywords and semantically related terms into our content.

    To provide their crawlers with a better understanding of the content of photos, Google prefers to have alt text and schema markup. Google also favours webmasters that open up their content to a wider audience. For people with visual impairments or those with connectivity or bandwidth issues, alt text also makes the internet a better place.

  13. The Increase in Highlighted Snippets
  14. We can’t ignore the expansion of featured snippets in search results for our next trend prediction for this year. The serving of featured snippets will continue, and they will probably gain prominence over time.

    In case you don’t know about featured snippets, are the boxes of results that frequently appear above the actual search results. These can be in the shape of FAQs, how-to guides, bulleted lists, or just a single sentence.

    Without having to create lengthy content, these are fantastic little shortcuts to the top of the SERPs. You’re probably qualified for a highlighted snippet if your page provides useful information that people commonly look for.

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