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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Telegram For Your Business

Start Using Telegram For Your Business

In today’s world, mobile technologies are extremely important. Businesses are actively using social media to provide customers with better service. However, there are other valuable tools — messengers. One of the most outstanding is Telegram. Read this article to explore the main advantages and 10 reasons why you should choose Telegram.

What Are the Benefits of Telegram for Your Business?

First of all, let’s find out how Telegram can improve your business:

  1. It’s completely free
  2. There is no need to buy a subscription to use all the Telegram features. For example, you can send unlimited messages and any media files for free.

  3. Splitting into groups
  4. Simplify your work with different clients. For example, divide them by age, interests, or status, and send a message to the selected group with one click.

  5. Customer engagement
  6. You can easily invite users to participate in your promotion by sending messages via Telegram.

  7. Client support
  8. Use Telegram to provide technical support 24/7. There is no need to build a call center. Instead, you can hire some chat operators or employ Telegram bots. In addition, today’s users prefer to text rather than call, so support chat provides them with a better user experience.

  9. Advertising
  10. Advertising your company via Telegram will be much easier. You don’t have to set up advertising campaigns. Instead, compose an ad and send it to everyone in one click. What’s more, it’s completely free.

  11. Feedback
  12. Using Telegram, you no longer need to call every client to collect feedback. Instead, send them a message with a questionnaire so they can provide you with a response fast and conveniently.

  13. Security
  14. Telegram is recognized as one of the most secure messengers. It uses two encryption methods and provides additional features to ensure data protection.

  15. Availability
  16. Telegram is now available on all mobile operating systems and has desktop applications for all devices and even a web version.

  17. Stickers
  18. Another excellent type of promotion in Telegram. Design custom stickers with your logo and share them with your customers. They can use them when communicating with friends and thus promote your brand.

  19. In-app transactions
  20. Telegram enables users to complete secure P2P transfers. Today this feature is available in a few countries, but it will eventually spread to other regions.

What Makes Telegram Better Than Other Messengers?

Several unique features allow Telegram to stand out from competitors:

Telegram unique Features

  • Secret chats
  • Messages in such chats are delivered between users’ devices without reaching the server. This protects them from third parties.

  • Disappearing messages
  • Users can choose the time after which a message is automatically deleted for all chat participants.

  • Cloud storage
  • Telegram could be a storage, as all files will be saved in your account and accessible from any device.

  • It won’t be sold
  • Telegram’s creators said they would never sell it to a third party. So, you can be convinced that your data will not be transferred to another large corporation.

  • Growing popularity
  • Telegram, which had only about 100 million users in 2016, now has over 500 million, which is constantly growing.

  • Bots
  • They give you a lot of options for business development and automation. For instance, with a Telegram bot, you can take orders, collect feedback, run promotions, and more.

Moreover, an excellent feature of bots in Telegram is that you do not need to know the programming to create them. Instead, there are special designer bots that help you to create your own ones step by step.

When Is Telegram Not the Best Choice?

Although Telegram messenger has many advantages, there are cases where it is inappropriate. For example:

When Is Telegram Not the Best Choice

  • Your target audience does not use Telegram. All the messenger’s features will be useless if there is no one to evaluate them. If Telegram doesn’t suit your company, you can hire dedicated team to create a website or an app to engage more users and boost your business.

  • Industries that are limited by strict laws. For example, healthcare requires software that complies with GDPR or HIPAA. Although Telegram has a very high security level, it cannot be used in such cases. The situation is similar in banking, which also has strict requirements for the software to be used. However, you can build a mobile app that will meet all your needs and help digitalize your business.

Wrapping Up

Telegram is a great messenger to expand your business and increase customer satisfaction. Start using it to take advantage of its features, get ahead of the competition and increase the profitability of your business.

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