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How Does This Company Use AI To Help Students Study Abroad?

AI To Help Students Study

What do we offer?

For all the students who are willing to pursue education abroad, a major issue is specialised results for a particular student. There are numerous factors like the course, its specialisation, location, and the GPA requirements. After an in-depth analysis of this issue, our organisation has created a one-stop solution where a student can receive the results as per their requirements.

We guarantee that the majority of our students be accepted into their preferred business schools, thanks to a 92 percent industry success rate over the last four years. The best aspect is that we make every effort to help them get funding and scholarships. We've successfully enrolled more than 2000 candidates in their desired business schools as a consequence, and our clients have been awarded more than €2 million in scholarships.

How does AI make a difference?

We have implemented a school exploration tool to assist students in receiving better results that suit best with their profiles. The tool works on the principle of permutations and combinations involving seven major steps. After the completion of an in-depth analysis of the student’s choice, the algorithm provides the student with a personalised list. Amongst the different options available for the students, the main areas include all the major factors necessary to provide the student with the selection of the best institutions according to their preferences.

Our website is designed in such a way that it analyses the content with which you are most interacting and will provide you with related suggestions for you to go through. These suggestions include the content already present on the website for assisting the students as well as the opportunity to come up for a consultation.

In addition, we have built an answer forum to receive assistance in different areas, where the algorithm collects data through the cookies and the choices entered by the user. Further, with the application of deep learning algorithms, we present the details about your current progress in the admission process. This technology also provides different CTAs (Call To Action) buttons for assisting you in the present and the consequent steps in the admission process.

How do we provide a personalized list of schools for each student?

Initially, students need to enter their preferences in seven different verticals. These verticals involve the choices of the student, as well as the eligibility criteria, where the student needs to enter the correct information to find the best-suited institution. The seven-step procedure involves factors like:

  1. Country(US, UK, France, Canada etc.)
  2. Majors (Management, Engineering, Science etc.)
  3. Specialisation
  4. CGPA
  5. Extracurricular Activities
  6. Work Experience
  7. English Proficiency Tests

Through the analysis of these 7 factors, we aim to assist students to swiftly clear the 1st crucial step of school selection in the application process. In addition, this feature not only assists students with the list of colleges but also provides them with the average chances of acceptance in each of the schools. As a student, your profile will be matched with a pool of top-rated premium schools, where your chances of selection might be low, and the tier-2 or tier-3 schools with higher chances of selection and ease your admission process.

What does CRM do?

When students opt for a consultation, they are retained in the company’s ecosystem through the Client Relationship Management (CRM) software.  Once the student receives access to CRM, they do not need to worry about the updates or keep following up with the consultants. This is because the CRM would provide them with daily updates on their application and the upcoming formalities to be done.

We are incorporating new technologies, CRM, and other things. We are delivering more value by providing things for free than others used to, and this has allowed us to grow significantly—at least in terms of growth metrics, if not in terms of financial resources. As a deferred revenue model, we are supplying the service that our product determines the customer wants. Some folks are willing to give us money in exchange. While some people are keen to spend less money, others are willing to spend more. We already provide excellent service in the premium market. For users who don't want to pay anything, we are building it and offering them affiliate services. In addition, we provide a subscription service for individuals who want to cut costs.

What do the students get?

Students are provided with a dashboard that contains all the basic information like the consultant name, shortlisted schools, details regarding the essay analysis, and brainstorming calls. Each of these students is provided with complete access to the sample questions and documents that could aid them in the admission process. They are also provided with regular updates on their profile and the number of days left in their deadlines for particular schools.

The process also involves their application form documents, including the basic identification documents, SOP, resumes, and LORs. While in the process of uploading the documents, students also get access to the sample documents through which they can get the exact idea about the format and the other variables to be kept in mind. In addition to the documents. Students can also boost their preparation for the interviews through the static files present in the dashboard, which include interview e-books and live interview samples. 

Furthermore, once the application process is completed and the profile is ready to be sent to the respective universities, then the applicants are provided with the opportunity to interact with the alumni, the options of financial assistance, etc. 


In a nutshell, there are several strategies for expanding and serving the entire market. Since no official statistics exist, it is challenging to determine the market's size. However, even if you can capture 10% of the market, it is a ridiculously high share. However, our goal is to keep growing and determine how we can improve.

We are also utilising the subscription model as a product where we can offer software services to educational institutions in order to provide a more affordable option to our premium services that many people can afford. We want to create a platform where you can learn everything there is to know about studying abroad and in India.

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