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Top 10 Webinar Software with a Free Trial

Webinar Software

Even after two years of continuous struggle with online events and platforms, the most commonly-faced challenge is selecting the right platform for your event. Almost all the organizers face this issue, and here’s why you are here on this blog.

After referring to various sites and going through numerous ratings, here are we, with a list of the top 10 webinar software with a free trial.

You can rely on any of these platforms and host immersive webinars. So, let us dive straight into the blog and select a platform that goes well with your requirements.

   1. Mixhubb

If you want to deliver exclusive webinars with the best features available, you should look forward to getting your hands on this platform. Mixhubb is a 3D virtual event and webinar platform that allows you to host online events and webinars closer to reality. Being a customizable platform, it allows you to customize your entire webinar. The customization functionality enables you to personalize your entire event setup and align them with your requirements and objectives. Moreover, it is a self-managed platform that empowers you to ideate and execute your webinar all by yourself. This platform comes with a one-month free trial offer.

   2. Demio

Next on the list, we have Demio. It is a cloud-based platform not requiring the attendees to download any additional software. Not only this, it has a recording feature, enabling the organizers to record entire webinars, and later use them according to their preference. Moreover, being a customizable platform, it enables the organizers to customize their entire events and webinars, enabling them to expand their branding. To keep the attendees engaged and make their waiting room experience more engaging, it provides the users with features like chats, handouts, and live polls. On top of that, it is capable of integrating with top marketing tools that would enable you to deliver extraordinary experiences.

   3. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is one of the most prominent and preferred platforms when we talk of hosting excellent webinars, irrespective of your event and organizational scale. It is a simple platform with a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. It means that with Zoho Meeting, you can host webinars without any hassle. If we talk about particular fields this platform is ideal for, then a few things that can be counted are meetings, remote support, demos, etc. If you want to attend a webinar on this platform, you do not need to download any additional software or application. Moreover, this platform allows the speakers to share screens to deliver their content more efficiently.

   4. WebinarJam

If you want to host noteworthy events and experiences, but on a restricted budget, WebinarJam might be the right place for you. This simple and easy-to-use platform does not require the attendees to have advanced technical knowledge to attend and access webinars. To help you expand the reach of your webinars and brand, this platform redirects your webinar streaming to platforms such as YouTube. Also, with this platform, you don’t have to worry about security issues; it is a safe and secure platform. Moreover, with WebinarJam, you can plan and execute your webinars in less than a minute. WebinarJam provides its users with excellent customer support. This makes it a reliable platform and allows the users to solve their problems instantly at any hour of the day.

   5. EverWebinar

The next name that we have on the list is EverWebinar, which enables the users to deliver outstanding webinars with utmost ease and comfort. Best suited for small to midsize organizations, It is trusted by several global organizations to expand their brand reach and generate more leads for your business. It has an advanced scheduling system that automatically blocks out the dates which are not available for hosting webinars.

   6. GoToWebinar

Trusted by the top organizations in all corners of the world, GoToWebinar enables you to host immersive webinars in HD quality. You can deliver pre-recorded as well as live webinars with this platform. This platform provides its users with 24/7 efficient customer support, making it a reliable platform. Not only this, it comes with a real-time analytics dashboard. It allows the organizers to get detailed insights into the attendee data and activity.

   7. WebinarGeek

One of the most relevant and efficient platforms, WebinarGeek is a highly preferred choice among marketers around the globe. Moreover, since it does not require any downloads, the attendees find it easy to use.  All that the attendees have to do is login on the platform through the browser, and they are all set. It is one of the simplest platforms that the organizers can use to host immersive webinars. The feature that makes it a top preference of the organizers is its personal branding feature. It allows the organizers to expand the reach of their brand.

   8. ClickMeeting

If your intent behind hosting the webinar is to connect and engage with your target audience, then ClickMeeting is the perfect choice for you. It has a user-friendly interface that allows the organizers to access the webinar with utmost ease and comfort. This platform is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, especially if you are hosting webinars to educate your audience on something. Not only this, ClickMeeting comes with a recording feature that allows you to record entire webinar sessions.

    9. WebEx

WebEx is a top-notch webinar platform that comes with highly customizable functionality. It means that the users can customize their webinars according to business needs and requirements. Not only this, it is a completely safe and secure platform. It enables users to organize webinars without worrying about any security issues and online threats. With WebEx, you can host webinars for up to 40,000 attendees.

   10. WebinarOnAir

If you are planning to host first-class webinars on a budget, then your hunt for the best platform stops right here. WebinarOnAir is a user-friendly platform that comes with all the required features to host webinars worth remembering. Being a user-friendly platform, it is suitable for the attendees and the organizers. You can host extensive webinars on this platform, with as many as ten presenters. Not only this, it comes with several audience engagement tools that enable the organizers to keep the attendees hooked to the webinar till the end.

Organizers might find it difficult to choose a platform that goes well with their objectives and requirements. However, doing the same isn’t that difficult when you have a clear understanding of platforms. Though choosing a platform needs research and a lot of time. To make it easier for you and save your time, we have brought you this list and we hope you find it helpful.

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