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Top 5 Time Tracking Tools of 2022

Time Tracking Tools

Are you looking for a way to effectively record the hours you spent reading or editing something at work? Rather than keeping an eye on the clock and doing the process manually, it becomes easier if you use a tool, which will provide you with more accurate results.

 With the help of a time tracking software, you will be able to access reports to understand how much time it took to complete certain tasks and may be able to create invoices depending on the data extracted. So, regardless of whether you use time tracking for personal growth or for streamlining your business processes, time tracking apps make life simpler for you.

Here, we have put together a few interesting time tracker tools of 2022 for you. Check it out now.

Employee monitoring and time tracking capabilities along with project management remain the main purpose of this time tracking app, like the other time tracking tools. However, the difference lies in the fact that this allows you to track time no matter where you are. This app is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac apart from mobile devices. Hence, you can keep a track of your employees while they are away from the office.

 It is also capable of tracking the location of your employees with the help of a GPS tracker. It is an amazing advantage for those companies which sends their staff to a lot of tours like the sales and delivery persons. Thus, it is an on-the-go productivity tracker used by the managers to map the time their employees spent on the road and how much time is devoted in the workplace.

Another easy-to-use time tracking software would be Toggle. You can easily set up projects, assign tasks, and even get estimated timelines and budgets for every project. You will get a better idea of your overdue and overbudgeted projects so that you can adjust your resources accordingly. This can be a solid solution for businesses who have complex deliverables on strict deadlines and budget restrictions, along with freelancers and start-ups who are always running on tight timelines. There is a separate Toggl app available on Android and you can also get browser extensions on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which make your experience even more convenient.

This time tracker tool can be a stopwatch for your team to start and end a project. Including features like a default time starter, automatic allocation of time to a project of your choice, time rounding before sending client deliverables, timesheet locking to avoid backdated changes, and even alerts for people if they forgot to start the timer, Clockify enables you to get aesthetically appealing reports that will help you gauge which project was time-consuming and help you manage your team's efforts in a better manner. Clockify has multiple integrations and a sleek and intuitive interface, irrespective of which browser or device you are using, allowing you to get an user-friendly navigation and easy access to your team's progress from anywhere.

A powerful employee time tracking software along with project management and real-timemonitoring is Time Doctor. This can record web pages and apps used by all your employees. Managers can take desktop screenshots of what their employees are working on a real-time basis, thereby reducing their chances of slacking off. Along with time tracking, you will be able to pay your staff directly from the software like Transfer Wise, Payoneer, and PayPal or any other platform, after it calculates the amount for you based on the hours worked by each employee. Used by small and even large-scale companies, this can be an all-in-one employee monitoring and payroll software.

Timely is another magnificent automatic time tracking tool that provides an organized and easy-to-use facility. It can be used to visualize plans for team planning, scheduling projects, and resource balancing in a seamless and effortless manner. It is a privacy- based software that allows you to track everything you are working on. It is available on Android, MAC, Windows, and even iOS.

Will this help you pick the best time tracking software for your needs? If yes, get started with a free trial now and enjoy the features from today.

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