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9 Proven Methods for Finding Viral Content Ideas

Viral Content Ideas

The idea of crafting viral content and getting the attention of a brand/ business globally has a separate value.

Making that one great piece of content which everyone views has incredible benefits, from increasing sales to learning something new. However, not every content can achieve this success in one day.

Thus, this article discusses ways for creating viral content. Before that, see how the viral marketing process works for you.

What is Viral Marketing’s Purpose?

One of the digital marketing techniques that aims to raise brand recognition is viral marketing. A company, product, or service can get attention, recognition, and status by using this approach, according to the psychology behind it.

The marketing strategy on the basis of content is determined through various aspects.

Consider these six characteristics when you draft the content and intended to use for viral campaigns: Social currency, triggers, public, practical value, storytelling and emotions.

Nowadays, the viral contents on the internet and on social media are in the form of memes, shares and likes. Therefore, the effectiveness of the viral marketing strategy depends on how consumers interact with shared posts, videos, and other content on social media. Your viral content’s success is largely based on the number of shares, views, reach, and followers.

In short, the gain from a viral marketing campaign is the ability to affect consumer perception and establish your brand image.

Let’s talk about how to create content that goes viral!

Here are NINE content ideas to go Viral

  1. Utilize the headline accurate
  2. First impressions clearly matter.

    So, it is critical to generate viral content with catchy headlines.

    When you create a blog post or share a post on social media, you need to know how the headline targets your audience. So try to use some power, emotional and key words that often provokes the readers to share or re-share the content. Remember, the topics or content you provide should be thoughtful, useful and can learn something new.

    Examples for great headlines:

    • Top X Sports Cars That You’ll Buy This Year
    • ·      
    • Here’s What You Don’t Know About Chat GPT
    • ·      
    • MBA Versus PGDM: Which is the best degree to study?

  3. Help from influencers to promote the content
  4. Viral content can easily be achieved with the help of influencers in today’s world. Influencer marketing has a huge contribution in making the content go viral.

    And the majority of companies hire social media marketing agencies to promote genuine discussion about their product offerings, boost engagement, and raise brand awareness without directly addressing their customer groups.

    Nowadays, people mostly spend their time on social media. To reach a wide audience, viral content with influencers on social media is the best way that content marketers should focus on.

    • Social sharing buttons on the blog post page is a good option for the readers to share with their friends and colleagues. Content management systems have such options so make it use wisely.

    • Mentioning people in the post is also a great way to create attention. Once you create a content, then mention the significant users/influencers in your posts that can drive attention to your brand easily.

  5. Content should be interactive and personalized
  6. You need to create share-worthy content and it must be unique that assists the audience with an interactive and personalized experience. However, such content takes time and resources to generate but if the content has a quality, then you can easily achieve the goal. And the key points while creating articles you should consider the interactive graphics and multimedia elements.

  7. Content should focus on audience requirements
  8. If you plan to post the content without knowing your audience, then it is impossible to achieve the goal of going viral. Therefore, the business should have clear ideas in defining their target audience. Start the research on,

    • Demographics and geographical data for your product or service
    • Keep an eye on competitors
    • Create a customer persona
    • Conduct surveys
    • Monitor website traffic
    • Create sales pitch that address the pain points of a buyer
    You need to determine audience interest to make the content viral.

  9. Content should be a visual treat
  10. People typically decide in just a few seconds whether they want to stay on your website or move on to another one.

    What matters most is the first impression, which is heavily influenced by the visual components you use. The colour and font used in your site or article is the way that communicated to your audience/users.

    You need to include images, animated infographics to engage the reader so it’s better to craft the content structure accordingly.

  11. Content brings out the reader’s emotions
  12. The content should inspire or mirror emotions.

    The more likely it is to be shared frequently and get viral. Hence, the content should stimulate emotions such as positivity, surprise, rage, worry, and sadness.

    And remember, emotional marketing works at a high speed.

    Because of this, unexpected viewpoints on subjects are so popular, and articles that infuriate you are frequently shared to others. The report says that a sense of surprise is one of the main factors in making an image go viral.

  13. Content Length Invokes the Reader’s Interest
  14. The content length is highly dependent on three factors. They are:

    • Platform: The video posted on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube can’t share the same engagement or views. It is because the users on various platforms are familiar with a certain level of absorbing content. So more than three minutes videos are suitable for YouTube but that doesn’t go with Instagram or Twitter.

    • Message: “Longer the content, the better!”, “Short and targeted content has a higher potential”. In reality, the social media content or articles can go viral where it depends on the message you are trying to convey.

    • Target Audience: Connecting with people who are not in your target market is the goal of viral content. However, the process starts when those others share your posts, contents or images. To influence those fans and followers, you must create viral content.

  15. Type of contents Intended for
  16. Engagement on your blog post or social media post can exceptionally increase when you use visuals, infographics in your content.

    Find what type of content you need to create that catches the attention of the target market.

    • Engaging content
    • Visual Content
    • Repurpose Content
    • Content optimization

    Make sure the content should be practical. And it provides value to readers, it is best to write “how-to” or guidance blogs, engage its stats and figures to trust the brand, the author of the blog is also getting readers’ attention.

  17. How Search Engine Looks for You?
  18. It is a fact that search engine delivers the most sustainable and long-term traffic to websites. In that case, you need to prepare with the content marketing strategy to make your content go viral.

    Start with searching the low-competition keywords and optimize your content based on the keywords. Make use of the tools to find the keyword and create a strategy for the keyword.

    Pick the best keywords based on the ranking system according to the search engine algorithm.


When attempting to create a viral content, don’t force too much as it may leave a negative impact. However, the above-mentioned ideas to generate content that should have high response from the audience or readers assist the business to develop the shared content on various channels. Choose the best, which can build and upgrade your online presence by using promising online content that can fetch you the desired impressions for your business.


Create shareable and relatable content, understand your audience, use compelling narratives and visuals, incorporate emotional triggers or humor, collaborate with influencers, optimize content for different platforms, and actively engage with your audience.

Yes, use social media listening tools like Brandwatch, Mention, Google Trends for search interest, BuzzSumo for niche content discovery, and platforms like Feedly for industry news.

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