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Top 8 Video Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

Know about Video Marketing Statistics

In marketing, video content has taken the lead in recent years. This article is about the video marketing statistics are expected to change through 2022. And what the overall impact this will have on companies who used to rely solely on other forms of marketing for their campaigns.

Video marketing is one of the best tools for content marketing. If you are not using video in your marketing, you miss an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand awareness and boost your conversion rate.

Use video marketing rightly, and it will increase your customer base.

Let's take a look at some vital stats to help inspire your next campaign.

1.Trends and Statistics

You should be aware of many video marketing trends and statistics if you want to succeed with your video marketing efforts. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • The popularity of video is only going to increase in the future. According to a study by Digiday, 51% of online adults aged 18-34 say that they watch videos online at least once a week. And 78% of millennials say they will likely watch more video content next year.
  • Video is becoming a more critical part of web content marketing. A study by Content Marketing Institute found that 86% of marketers now agree that video drives website visitors closer to buying products or signing up for services. 
  • 72% of B2B marketers say video has helped them achieve more business goals than any other type of content.
  • Videos can promote any product or service. They can be used to promote your company, product, or service idea. They can also be used to generate leads and sales. There are the Best Corporate Video Production Companies.
  • Videos have a wide range of potential audience sizes. A study by Adobe found that there are 1 billion people around the world who regularly.

2. Significance of Mobile Video Ads

In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the use of social media, which allows marketers to use video on social networks. According to a survey, 68% of viewers watch videos on their mobile phones

 Around 59% of mobile users spend a quarter of their time watching videos on social networks. 

For marketers who want to create a digital footprint, video is one of the best tools to enrich marketing. Your website and presentation should be mobile-friendly; otherwise, viewers will not prefer to watch your content.

If your content is not optimized for mobile, you miss a great opportunity to influence new customers.

Statista states that people will spend $288 billion (USD) globally on mobile advertising in 2021. According to their recent study, they have predicted that by 2024 it will cross $413 billion.

3.Short Videos have become the Hot Internet Trend

According to the 43rd semi-annual Generation Z survey of Piper Sandler, TikTok has become the favorite platform of teens. Many video platforms introduced the short-video option.

YouTube and Instagram introduced short videos and Reels. Moreover, every social media platform has introduced the " stories " feature that user use to upload short videos.

Short videos are more popular, but that doesn’t mean people don’t watch long-duration videos.

According to a recent survey, YouTube is one of the most used platforms for watching different videos.

Short videos require low effort, and viewers can watch them easily. Businesses can use this tool to increase audience engagement.

4.Live Streaming Opportunities for Marketers

When Covid-19 was at its peak, everyone was following social distancing precautions, and people used live streams to communicate with each other. People participated in different events with live-stream from their houses.

Market Research Future (MRFR) revealed in their report the live streaming market volume) by 2027, may reach to $247,275 million (USD). It has become one of the most effective marketing tools for marketers.

Companies with short sales cycles can use this medium to engage the audience. The beauty of live stream is that you can check the viewers' feedback and concerns. You can customize your message and effectively communicate with viewers.

5.Video Marketing Enhance your Lead Generation

Optinmonster revealed that businesses grab 66% more leads yearly. According to Optinmonster, companies experience a 54% increase in brand awareness. Moreover, 93% of businesses think they got a new customer because of social media video marketing.

If your video has some valuable information, most likely, it will provide you with quality leads. 

Video marketing is one of the most effective tools that boost your promotional activities and increase your customer base.

It builds viewers' trust in your brand, and they increase their knowledge about the brand or their product with the help of animations and visuals. According to these stats, we have seen the significance of using video marketing for lead generation.

6.Analysis of Top Video Media Platforms

  • Video is the most engaging content on the internet and continues to grow in popularity.
  • YouTube is the most popular video media platform, with over 1 billion active users.
  • Facebook is the second most popular video media platform, with over 600 million active users.
  • Instagram is the third most popular video media platform, with over 400 million active users.
  • Snapchat is the fourth most popular video media platform, with over 300 million active users.

7.The Cost of An Explainer Video

First and foremost, you'll need to decide how much you're willing to spend on the project. Now you might be wondering about the explainer video cost? The average cost for a standard explainer video is around $50,000. However, don't be fooled by appearances. Excellent videos can often cost much more.

8.Closing Remarks

As video marketing becomes increasingly essential for businesses of all sizes, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve with statistics that will help you optimize your video marketing strategy. 

In this article, we've compiled some top video marketing statistics to help you understand where your business is currently standing and what improvements may be necessary to achieve betterresults. 

So now that you have a better understanding of where your business stands, it's time to start making those optimizations.

It is the right time to invest in video marketing and influence consumer buying behavior. If you don’t know where to start, search for the best corporate video production companies and hire a video production company who have a vast portfolio in this niche.

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