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Top 8 Amazon Ads Software To Grow Revenue In 2022

Amazon Ads Software

Amazon is the big titan in the online advertising world. For shopping search, its popularity is beating Google. Many businesses use Amazon to enhance sales and brand visibility and boost conversion. There are multiple ad types that Amazon offers to users, and each serves a different purpose. However, there is fierce competition for sellers on this platform- vendors are doing their best to boost their sales and attract potential customers. Fortunately, Amazon ads can make a difference. Yes, you can use Amazon ad softwares to reflect your article on the first page of Amazon.

Amazon started its advertising business in 2012, benefiting many business owners by increasing sales in less time. You can also take advantage of PPC ad campaigns. All you need to do is invest in the trusted Amazon ad software and create captivating ads. However, if you don't know which tool is the best for crafting a campaign, you are at the right place. We are going to highlight eight Amazon ad softwares that will level up your pay-per-click game.

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1.Ad Badger

Ad Badger is the most popular Amazon PPC tool in the market. It has a very simple interface that makes it easy to use and offers all the necessary features to run a successful campaign. The Ad Badger demo is absolutely free, but you will have to pay a monthly subscription if you want to access advanced features such as keyword management and competition analysis.

Ad Badger has its own algorithms that give you more control over your campaigns than other tools. It also offers insights into how your ads perform and allows you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously. This tool is pretty effective in reducing ACOS.


Zon. Tools is another Amazon PPC tool that many people prefer because of its user-friendly interface and smart features. You can upload your images, but this tool does not allow you to create ad campaigns for other vendors or clients.

Zon. Tools is a great option if you want a more advanced PPC tool that provides historical data about your account performance to help you improve your campaigns and make better decisions about when and how much money you spend on ads. The tool also allows you to track your competitors' performance so that you can see where they stand in terms of performance and ROI.

3.PPC Scope

PPC Scope is one of the most popular Amazon PPC tools. It helps you get insights into your Amazon PPC campaigns, traffic sources, and conversion rates. You can also manage your accounts from this tool.

PPC Scope comes with a free 21 days trial that helps you track your Amazon PPC accounts in one place. You can find out which keywords are performing well, as well as what keywords are losing traction. You can also see who your competitors are and how they're performing on Amazon. After that, you need to pay 19.9$ to use its basic version.

PPC Scope has many features that make it easy to manage your campaigns and optimize them for maximum performance.

4.Scale Insights

Scale Insights is an all-in-one Amazon ad software that offers a wide range of features to manage and optimize your campaigns. It has a powerful dashboard that lets you track all your campaign data in one place.

Scale Insights helps marketers understand how they're performing in the Amazon marketplace by providing key insights into their submissions. The product gives you access to important metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and conversions.


Sellozo is another popular Amazon PPC tool that helps you lift the performance of your account by managing multiple campaigns at once and analyzing performance data in real-time. The tool provides detailed reports on keywords, landing pages, and average orders per keyword.

Sellozo is an Amazon PPC tool that offers easy access to bid management, ad copy optimization, campaign management, and reporting capabilities. By automating all aspects of your advertising workflow, Sellozo reduces costs and increases efficiency for all types of businesses.


BidX is a powerful Amazon ad software that provides real-time bidding and other tools to increase your sales on Amazon. BidX also has excellent support, so you can easily get help from their team when you have any questions. They offer a free trial for new users, which is another advantage of this platform. And to subscribe to it, you have to spend 149$ per month.


Trendle is another great Amazon ad software that can help you to manage your advertising campaigns effectively. You can have deep insight into inventory analytics, ads performance, retentivity analytics, and keyword ranking with Trundle. Its monthly subscription plans start at 50$ per month.


A quartile is another tool for analyzing how certain successful keywords drive traffic to your products on Amazon. It has various features, including keyword analysis, product ranking analysis, organic ranking analysis, and internal linking analysis.

 The Bottom Line

These are some of the popular Amazon ad softwares that help you to meet your advertising goals!

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