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10 Secret Content Marketing Tips to Strengthen Your Foothold

Content marketing tips

Are you keen to boost your content ranking in search engines? Have you ever realized that while searching for information online, you are often pulled over by what they publish on a few sites while discarding the rest? Well, this is where the tricks come to play. What you need to understand that these tricks to grasp the audience’s attention should never follow the one-size-fits-all category. The strategies may differ from person to person. So, you need to create strategies based on the personality and temperament of the audience.

So, here are 10 surefire content marketing tricks that will let you build a relationship with the audience. Based on what product or service you are trying to market, make sure the messages and the information do not get lost in the clutter of similar concepts that are less likely to impress the audience.

1. Using numbers

Numbers always do their tricks and this one is no exception as well. Why don’t you start the title of the content with numbers like “5 myths or 10 effective tips”? It will surely lure your audience and compel them to read a couple of points even if not the entire audience? It is one of the content marketing hooks you can diligently follow to grasp the audience’s attention, especially if you publish content regularly?

2. Make them curious

Don’t you think that the marketing messages you publish should arouse curiosity?  Punch in some interesting phrases and words or begin the content with a question like “Have you ever come across?”. Generally, they are curiosity enhancers.

3. Improve your heading

One of the most effective ways to spread the content marketing message far and wide is by improving the heading. Use emotional and powerful words to attract the attention of the audience. Wondering what elements of the heading can be referred to as marketing hooks?  Believe it or not but using odd numbers in the title attracts the audience more than its counterpart. Oh yes! There may not be an exact logic behind it but it will not harm you anyway. Try to make the heading clear instead of leaving the audience in utter confusion as to what you are talking about. Try to make the heading similar to a success story like “how I benefited from this strategy” or My secret 10 tips for making $1000 per month. Every successful blogger and marketer uses similar titles to make money and make the audience fell that it’s time they follow suit. Use some emotional words to create a spark in your content. Instead of complicated words, use those that compel them to read the content.

4. Include storytelling technique

Instagram has it and so do several other social media platforms. So, why do you what to be left behind?  The storytelling content become randomly popular and word has it that storytelling marketing industry makes a significant amount of money today. If you are wondering how here is what you need to know. You must have come across those ads when scrolling down the social media platforms and a major chunk of them may be selling courses or products, generating leads or website traffic. 90% of them are video ads where people talk about their journey of success to inspire you to do the same. Once you start listening to these videos, you won’t leave them behind. Now the winner here is the art of storytelling (Of course the storyteller as well!)

Now, storytelling applies to video marketing as well as content marketing. Juts make sure that the audience should be able to relate to the characters you are discussing, add real-life examples, and involve them as well while narrating the story as people today are curious to know what’s happening in the other people’s lives.

5. Create fear

Fear is another factor that motivates the audience to a great extent. Suppose you can talk to the audience about “10 life-changing strategies you must not for a healthy heart” or “5 secrets you must not skip to keep your marital life happy”. The aim is to make the audience feel that by following the steps they can avert a negative circumstance. It is among the most effective marketing hook examples you can follow to create a compelling content marketing message for the readers.

6. Using superlative words

Words like “best” “worst” “lowest” and “cheapest” are more attractive as it seemingly creates the feeling of extreme. The audience might not want to compare your message with others if the story is told believingly.

7. Surprising the audience

Although not many bloggers implement this strategy in their content, you can go for this one. Create a sudden surprise but not in the beginning. Make the audience read the entire message and let them discover the surprise towards the end. Content that addresses the reader’s problems, free trial classes for courses that are a limited-period deal, rendering additional knowledge that they might not be expecting in the content. Finally, end your content interestingly and you are already through the right steps. Use a compelling title like “actionable tips” “growth hacks” “and “How to stay ahead of the competitors” these are posts where you may include the surprising element.

8. Use new strategies or tips

The internet is a storehouse of information where updated methods and strategies earn more engagement. People following your poses will quickly discover if you are offering them anything new and that is how you can attract the audience with “new rules” “new strategies” and several others in the same manner.

9. Identify the pain points of the user

One of the most effective ways to connect with the audience is by identifying their pain points. Whether it is a product, guide, or course, make sure they resolve the audience’s problems. Focus on solving the queries of your audience before you hit online.

10. Include reviews in the message

About 90% of the readers today compare the quality of the product or service you are promoting. Why don’t you add a couple of reviews in the content to let them get everything straight from the horse’s mouth instead of influencing them forcefully?  Being proactive is one way of boosting your brand’s credibility.

Starting with effective content marketing strategies requires some practice. If you are trying to implement tactics that stand out uniquely among the clutter of messages, follow the abovementioned tips from Search engine Round, a platform where you boost your knowledge on digital marketing strategiesand grab their attention quickly.

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